Reading Group

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Schedule 2021

DatePresenterPaperWhy should we careAppear inRepoBlogs
29/03/21Dima GalatMaking Monolingual Sentence Embeddings Multilingual using Knowledge DistillationGood introduction to student-teacher models and forcing the vector mappingEMNLP 20201 21
12/04/21Duy KhuuIn defense of pseudo-labeling: An uncertainty-aware pseudo-label selection framework for semi-supervised learningIntroduction to pseudo-labeling and its potential issues along with a proposal for a better performing variantICLR 2021
19/04/21Andrew LawConStance: Modeling Annotation Contexts to Improve Stance ClassificationIntroduction to issues with manual data annotation and proposes a model for reasoning about annotations with different contextsEMNLP 2017
26/04/21Quyu KongPhD conclusion talk dry-run
03/05/21Marian-Andrei RizoiuAdversarial vulnerabilities of human decision-makingAdversarial learning to guide sequential human decision makingPNAS'201
10/05/21Rohit RamThe Social Dynamics of Language Change in Online NetworksTracks language change through social influence and determines importance of (diverse) features to social influence using Parametric HawkesSocInfo'16
17/05/21Frankie YuanAll You Need is “Love”: Evading Hate Speech DetectionSimple but effective adversarial attacks on word and character based hate speech classification models. paper linkAISec 2018
24/05/21Thomas WillinghamGenerating Datasets with Pretrained Language Modelsleveraging large well-trained generative language models (e.g GPT2) for creating labelled data to fine-tune semantic embedders and comes with code and allComputing Research Repository1
31/05/21No group reading. Public holiday in Canberra (Reconciliation Day)
07/06/21Pio CalderonLearning Multivariate Hawkes Processes at ScaleScalable and exact approach to train multivariate Hawkes processes in large-scale domainsWWW211
14/06/21No group reading. Public holiday (Queen's Birthday)
21/06/21Quyu KongModel-Agnostic Meta-Learning for Fast Adaptation of Deep NetworksMeta-learning allows to adapt to new tasks quickly with a few samplesICML'171
28/06/21Rohit Ram, Andrew Law, and Marian-Andrei Rizoiu3MT Series
05/07/21Andrew LawCharacterizing Online Discussion Using Coarse Discourse SequencesCharacterizes different types of online discussions (Q&A, arguments etc.) through analyzing patterns of discourse and produces a classifier for predicting discourse acts.ICWSM 2017
12/07/21Rohit RamA General Method to Find Highly Coordinating Communities in Social Media through Inferred Interaction Links
19/07/21Duy KhuuThe Benchmark LotteryOverview of current issues related to ranking models and benchmarks, along with proposals for how we can produce better benchmarksSubmitted to NeurIPS 2021
26/07/21Duy Khuu, Pio Calderon, and Quyu Kong3MT Series
02/08/21Pio CalderonIs Gang Violent Crime More Contagious than Non‑Gang Violent Crime?Modelling the spatiotemporal dynamics of gang/non-gang crime contagion with multivariate HawkesJournal of Quantitative Criminology
09/08/21Frankie Yuan
16/08/21Dima Galat
23/08/21Thomas Willinghanm, Dima Galat, and Frankie Yuan3MT Series
30/08/21Thomas Willingham
06/09/21Marian-Andrei Rizoiu
13/09/21Andrew Law
20/09/21Quyu Kong
27/09/21Thomas Willingham
04/10/21Duy Khuu
11/10/21No group reading. Public holiday (Labour Day)
18/10/21Pio Calderon
25/10/21Frankie Yuan
01/11/21Dima Galat
08/11/21Rohit Ram
15/11/21Marian-Andrei Rizoiu
22/11/21Thomas Willinghanm
29/11/21Duy Khuu
06/12/21Pio Calderon
13/12/21Marian-Andrei Rizoiu
20/12/21Quyu Kong
27/12/21Frankie Yuan
03/01/22Andrew Law
10/01/22Rohit Ram
17/01/22Dima Galat